Siesta Hills Neighborhood Association

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About Us



SHNA is a non-profit organization to support the neighborhood.

We are members of the District 6 Coalition of Neighborhoods

We are currently restarting our neighborhood watch.  Neighbors are the best tool for cutting crime. If you want to help please volunteer.

Crime Prevention Tips

Bring in your trash cans and maybe help a neighbor by moving theirs in  as well.  Get someone to get your mail and newspapers while you are away.

Be visible outside.

If someone is selling anything, they have to have a sellers license from the city of Albuquerque with their picture on the outside of their clothing.  If not call police non emergency 242-cops and give a description.  The only exception to the sales license is for the Girl Scouts.

If you see someone that you know does not belong call 242-cops and give a description.  If we tell the police there is someone that does not belong they can at  least question them.

Newer technology for camera’s has been getting much cheaper,. We are thinking of posting a neighborhood sign around the indicating “you are under video surveillance by SHNA.” as there are a few camera out there.

Be sure to never leave your garage door opener in your car outside your home.  Update to a keyfob  opener kept with your keys or the new smart phone add on systems.



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Siesta Hills Neighborhood Association