Siesta Hills Neighborhood Association

A sunny place in the southwest

Board Members

Here are the board members that were elected in May.   Thanks to the outgoing members for their efforts.

We will be meeting every 4 months starting , on the second Thursday of the month.  See the schedule for location.

Rachel Baca   President

The president will coordinate the meetings and take input from the members at large.  He/She will coordinated efforts and keep the Association active. See bylaws on related links

Kathy Pierson   Vice-President

Assist the President when she/he needs help.  See bylaws.

Don Conley  Treasurer

Keep the funds, collect dues and report on spending and keep the account balances current.

Francie Straw  Secretary

Document the meetings for the association., submitting paperwork needed for the association. 

Member at Large  Archie Archuleta, Dan Puccetti,

 Lydia Rigg


Siesta Hills Neighborhood Association